Bridge Technologies launches new version of OTT Engine

Bridge Technologies has launched a new version of its OTT Engine featuring MPEG-DASH monitoring.

According to the company, the new OTT Engine makes MPEG-DASH support a core part of the user’s OTT monitoring capability, is compatible with all Bridge Technologies 1G and 10G probes, and is embedded within the iOS and Android PocketProbe mobile monitoring apps.

Bridge Technologies’ OTT Engine extends its HLS, Smoothstream and MPEG-DASH capability by adding support for RTMP and subtitle tracks.

According to Bridge Technologies, the OTT Engine provides a the ability to run OTT monitoring side by side with IPTV monitoring operations in the same hardware and software environment. High density displays of large numbers of OTT streams can be achieved through the MicroTimeline display without overwhelming monitoring staff with a mass of difficult-to-read monitoring data.

“MPEG-DASH is an important advance for OTT standardisation, so it’s great to have been first to the market with a full monitoring solution for it,” said Simen Frostad, chairman, Bridge Technologies.  “But the standards used by today’s OTT operators will continue to be used for some time yet, and with the Bridge Technologies OTT Engine operators can be reassured they will have the most capable and comprehensive solution available for OTT, whichever way the market evolves.”

Bridge Technologies will exhibit at IBC on stand 1.A30

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