RTRS revises switchover criteria

Russian state broadcasting organisation RTRS may proceed with the shutting down of analogue services if fewer than 5% of the country’s households are unable to receive digital-terrestrial TV, according to local reports.

Kommersant newspaper reported that RTRS is preparing a programme to switch off analogue signals. RTRS director-general Viktor Pinchuk said that switching off the analogue signal would free up frequencies for the deployment of a third digital multiplex. A plan detailing the switchover dates for each region is to be submitted to the Russian government at the end of September, according to the report.

The programme will see analogue signals being switched off if fewer than 5% of those that rely on over-the-air TV are unable to receive digital transmissions, with viewers unable to receive signals being expected to turn to cable or satellite.

Eight of Russia’s 83 regions currently lack DTT signals.

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