LG signs smart TV interface deal with Gracenote

LG Electronics has partnered with metadata firm Gracenote, which will power LG’s On Now service on its latest Cinema 3D line of smart TVs in Europe. 

Gracenote eyeQ will provide TV schedules and listings, movie and TV show descriptive metadata, as well as cover art and images to help viewers navigate through broadcast and on-demand content.

On Now is designed to provide a “smarter and simplified TV interface,” said LG, offering viewers a snapshot of TV shows and movies that are currently playing, as well as what is available from on-demand sources.

It will launch as a software update for all LG smart TVs in the UK and Spain this summer, with other European countries to follow later this year.

“For Smart TVs to truly make an impact among consumers, the experience has to evolve to make it easy for viewers to find the shows they love and also discover new programs to watch. LG is now ahead of the curve in terms of the Smart TV user experience, incorporating descriptive data and rich images to help simplify discovery,” said Gracenote president, Stephen White.

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