Neotion launches CI+ 1.3 CAM for Plustelka in Slovakia

France-based digital technology provider Neotion has launched a new cardless conditional-access module (CAM) for Slovakian pay DTT service, Plustelka. 

Plustelka will broadcast its service on four nationwide multiplexes. MUX1, MUX2, MUX3 will host 10 free-to-air channels, while MUX4 will carry 12 Pay TV channels for a monthly fee of €5.99.

Neotion CAM is compliant with the CI+ 1.3 standard but is also backward compatible with older versions like CI+ 1.2, according to Neotion. It is powered by Irdeto Media Content Protection, while Neotion partner Strong will manage the master distribution of the products and will reallocate orders to local partners in Slovakia.