Boxfish opens up TV spoken word capture software

Second screen technology specialist Boxfish has opened up the API for its platform, which captures every spoken word on TV in real time, to members of the Second Screen Society (S3).

Boxfish is offering members of the S3 30 days of free access to the API. According to Boxfish, the ability to capture spoken words in real time has the potential to transform navigation and discovery and enable new forms of monetisation. The system can enable users to get live alerts whenever a topic of their choice is being discussed on the TV and also provides data about what users are watching and searching for. Boxfish’s app currently captures the sound tracks of about 1,000 channels in the US and the company plans to expand to the UK and Ireland later this year.

“All of what we’ve been working on for the last two and a half years captured TV, processed in real time and built apps and partnerships,” said Boxfish CEO and founder Eoin Dowling. “Now everything is solid and has good data – so everyone should know about us. I’m looking forward to seeing what other ideas people have in for the data. All we do is focus on the data and allow everyone else to make use of it.”