Netflix reaches up to two million in the UK

NetflixBuilding4Analysts estimate that up to two million people in the UK are streaming content via Netflix.

The US-listed streaming service rarely breaks out subscriber information by territory and never details viewing figures despite a huge investment in acquired and original content. However, having launched in the UK and Ireland it did say soon after launch that it had passed the million customer mark.

UK research house Enders Analysis estimates that Netflix’s UK streaming numbers are “edging towards” two million in the UK.

“Although Netflix releases no international streaming data by country, there is some evidence to suggest it is edging towards two million in the UK,” Enders noted. “But it is still on a tightrope as it races to add subscribers and revenues to cover its fast growing and somewhat shrouded content obligations.”

The forecasts are covered in new Enders research on Netflix. Across all of its international services, Netflix has 7.75 million paying subscribers across all of its international services at last count. In the US it has 29.75 million streaming customers.