YouTube updates Android and iOS apps

YouTube has updated its Android and iOS mobile apps to include new search and playback functionality. 

Users will now be able to swipe a video to the bottom of the screen so that they can continue to browse for more videos while still watching the clip.

Viewers will now also be able to search and browse channels for playlists from the mobile apps in order to watch collections of back-to-back videos.

A new preview screen will also make it easier for viewers to line up videos to watch on their big screen. The mobile app’s ‘Cast’ button already allows viewers to send videos from their phone or tablet to a TV via devices like Google TV boxes, PlayStation 3 consoles, or Google’s recently-introduced Chromecast HDMI device.

The news comes just days after YouTube-owner, Google, confirmed that it blocked Microsoft’s YouTube app for Windows Phones, claiming that the non-HTML5 app did not offer a “fully-featured YouTube experience” and violated its terms of service.