ThinkAnalytics reports ‘record-breaking’ year

Multiplatform TV search and recommendation firm ThinkAnalytics said it had a “record-breaking financial year” for the 12 months ending June 30 after almost doubling its subscriber base from 70 to 130 million licenses.

The firm also said it expanded its customer portfolio to 52 operators worldwide, introduced support for five new languages bringing the total supported to 17, and recorded 100% growth in both revenues and profits.

“We think our growth is proving that as recommendations solutions get more and more sophisticated, the value of bringing ten years of real field deployment is very important to our customers as they continue to build the best proven solution for their customers and marketing objectives,” said Eddie Young, Chairman ThinkAnalytics.

Peter Docherty, founder and chief technology officer, ThinkAnalytics, added: “We see a significant lift in VOD and live TV viewership after our recommendations platform is deployed. Our service provider customers are given a great deal of flexibility in how the recommendations interface with their customers, 50 percent lift is not unusual, with some operators seeing even higher returns.”

ThinkAnalytics offers its recommendations engine as both a traditional, on-premise solution and as a cloud-based service. Its customrrs include Liberty Global, Cox Communications, BSkyB and Virgin Media.


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