HbbTV Association extends logo licensing to CE manufacturers

The HbbTV Association has extended licensing of its logo to consumer electronics manufacturers, meaning that vendors of HbbTV devices can now use the logo to show compatibility with the standard. 

Devices must pass the association’s test suite to receive approval to use the logo, either through self-testing or via a registered test centre.

According to the HbbTV Association, there are currently more than five million active HbbTV receivers globally and the standard has the potential to reach over 110 million homes in the European countries that have adopted it. So far HbbTV has been deployed in countries including Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. Future deployments have been announced elsewhere in Europe as well as in Australia, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

“Using the HbbTV Logo is an excellent way for consumer device manufacturers to demonstrate HbbTV certification and interoperability,” said Klaus Illgner, chairman, HbbTV Association. “As the standard continues to gain momentum around the world, our Logo will become more familiar to consumers enjoying a connected television experience based on HbbTV – including compelling catch-up TV, news apps, and other innovative services.”