Com Hem launches 500Mbps broadband

Com HemSwedish cable operator Com Hem has launched a 500Mbps broadband services and upped the speed of its existing broadband offerings. 

The 500Mbps service is available to over one million households. Com Hem said the product was designed to meet growing demand from users to download movies direct from the web. It said the service enables users to download a 4.5GB movie in HD in just over a minute, compared with about an hour for a 10Mbps connection.

Product director Asanga Gunatillaka said no other operator was close to being able to offer the high-speed servces provided by the company.

The launch of the Broadband 500 offering is accompanied by a new modem that supprts the 802.11ac wireless standard. The service provides upstream speeds of up to 50Mbps and will cost SEK899 (€103) a month.

Com Hem is increasing the speed of its existing 200Mbps service to 250Mbps for the same price as before – SEK499.