Thomson Video Networks adds variable bit-rate to statmux technology

Thomson Video Networks has added the ability to integrate variable bit-rate data streams within the video pool of its Flextream 2.0 statistical multiplexing technology.

According to Thomson, when the available data bit-rate decreases, Flextream 2.0 will now automatically reallocate the freed bandwidth to the video to optimise bit-rate usage within a multiplex. Instead of reserving a fixed amount of bandwidth within the multiplex for passing video streams, Flextream 2.0 dynamically adapts the video pool bit-rate based on the quantity of data to be transmitted, up to a predefined threshold, according to the company.

According to Thomson, Flextream 2.0 offers a solution for broadcasting EMM, EPG, and interactive applications such as HbbTV system software updates, and playout of VOD programmes.

Flextream 2.0 is available as a software option for Thomson Video Networks’ NetProcessor video processing equipment, as well as the company’s ViBE EM series of broadcast encoders.

“Flextream 2.0 is the latest example of Thomson Video Networks’ ongoing innovation in compression and multiplexing technology, demonstrating our commitment to offering the most cost-effective solutions and delivering the highest video quality,” said Eric Gallier, vice-president of marketing at Thomson Video Networks.

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