Sunrise strikes deal to launch fibre services in Fribourg

Swiss service provider Sunrise Telecom has struck an agreement with ftth fr, a joint venture between the government of Switzerland’s Fribourg canton and electricity utilities Groupe E, Gruyère Energie and IB-Murten, to enable it to provide fibre-based broadband and TV services across the Fribourg region.

Ftth fr has been charged with deploying FTTH infrastructure across the canton, reaching apartment blocks in cooperation with national telco Swisscom. The parties aim to pass over 90% of Fribourg residents and 100% of enterprises between now and 2028.

Sunrise will be able to provide services over a fibre infrastructure controlled by Swiss Fibre Net, a company created by ftth fr in the spring. End customers will have the ability to choose between a number of ISPs including Sunrise, which is already offering its range of TV services on the deployed fibre network in the region.

Sunrise has already signed contracts to use fibre infrastructure in a number of other cities in Switzerland, including Zurich, Saint-Gall, Lucerne, Geneva and Berne, and has signed letters of intent to launch services in Bâle, Winterthour and Gossau.

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