Access adds HbbTV support to browser for automotive applications

Technology company Access has added support for the HbbTV interactive standard to its NetFront Browser to enable the deployment of interactive TV services by the automotive industry.

Access already provides a range of systems for the automotive business, including the HTML5-based NetFront Browser and NetFront Living Connect, a DLNA multiiscreen solution that enables content bto be shared throughout a vehicle.

“By providing automotive solutions with support for all relevant standards including HbbTV in Europe, BML in Japan, CML in China and GINGA in South America, Access ensures that the car industry can address a truly global market,” said Neale Foster, vice-president of global sales IA, Access. “NetFront Living Connect provides the automotive industry with a standards based multiscreen media sharing solution that can make the most of the rise in smartphone and tablet usage to address the growing need to share content and personalize the in-car experience.”