HuffPost Live video network claims half a billion views

The Huffington Post’s live-streaming network, HuffPost Live, has generated more than 445 million video views and is attracting more than 13 million unique visitors a month, the firm said.

In a blog post to mark the one-year birthday of HuffPost Live – conceived as a video news network that lets viewers become part of the conversation alongside on-air pundits and experts – Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington said that it had beaten expectations.

“Since HuffPost Live launched, over 9,600 guests from more than 85 countries have joined us live on-air, discussing an eclectic mix of topics – from presidential politics to pop culture memes, and everything in between. And thousands more have joined the conversation via our interactive social tools, leaving 1.3 million comments on the HuffPost Live platform,” said Huffington.

“I’m even more excited about what the future holds for HuffPost Live, including more programming that makes use of The Huffington Post’s expanding international editions, more programming originating from our Washington, D.C. bureau, and more programming that puts the HuffPost community front and centre, giving regular people greater access to the airwaves and furthering the democratisation of the media,” she added.

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