Playboy TV Europe to outsource broadcast, expand VOD

Playboy TV Europe is outsourcing its broadcast operations to Los Angeles-based Encompass and has announced plans to develop new video-on-demand services and channels.

Playboy TV Europe will remain in London. According to Playboy, Encompass, Playboy Plus and various third party vendors have been working together to ensure a seamless transition, which will happen later this year.

“This allows us to focus on our core strengths,” says Jeremy Yates, managing director, Playboy TV Europe. “All our focus can now be on managing our TV channels in Europe and maintaining our lead position in the market. We will be able to further improve our channels and VOD and fully leverage our libraries which allow us to offer the best erotic content and highest performing  adult content We have also taken the opportunity to consolidate a few of our networks on Sky, where customers now receive greatly added value from a Playboy Plus delivered TV Everywhere experience.”

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