Baltcom bundles electricity with TV and telecom services

Latvian cable operator Baltcom is to offer bundles combining TV and telecommunication products with electricity supply.

According to Baltcom, research it commissioned has shown that four fifths of Latvians would be willing to purchase their electricity supply from a telecom provider if it could offer better terms than their current supplier.

Baltcom said it planned to develop a range of products as the electricity supply market is further liberalised. Currently it is able to bundle electricity with one of its telecom services.

Baltcom board member Gints Kiršteins said that Baltcom expected take-up from about 20-30% of its existing customers next year. Baltcom is offering a two-year fixed electricity tariff regardless of changes in the wholesale price of electircity.

Baltcom is offering digital TV, 250Mbps internet and 75kWh (kilowatt-hours) of electricty for LVL20.03 (€28.47) a month or 100kW for LVL22.14. Bundled with telephony on top, the cost of the two bundles is LVL21.79 and LVL23.90 respectively.

Baltcom has struck a deal with electricity network supplier AS Sadales Tīkls for the supply of electricity to its customers.

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