GlobeCast and Arabsat team up for North African platform

GlobeCast and Arabsat have struck a partnership to offer a new channel platform targeting North Africa.

GlobeCast will provide teleport and playout facilities to uplink to Arabsat’s BADR satellite at 26° East, with the aim of creating a neighbourhood of channels for viewers in North Africa.

Five Algerian channels – Echourouk TV, Al Atlas TV, Dzair TV, Imed TV, and Ennahar TV – have already launched on the platform.

“Broadcasters have been hungering for a new opportunity to get coverage of the North African region,” said Samir Tizaoui, senior account manager MENA at GlobeCast. “Thanks to our long-standing relationship with Arabsat, we are able to provide this opportunity to help broadcasters reach new audiences in an effective and cost-efficient way.”

“We are very pleased with our alliance with GlobeCast that brings the best broadcast solutions with a variety of options to our customers in North Africa,” said Khalid Balkheyour, President and CEO of Arabsat. “With our geographical expansion, we will be able together with Globecast to provide more alternatives  and help our customers increase their reach.”

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