Ofcom consults on new Channel 4 license terms

UK broadcast regulator Ofcom is consulting on whether Channel 4 should be required to commission more programmes produced outside of England as part of its new licence conditions. 

The regulator is also looking at how Channel 4 could best deliver its remit for educational content, and whether there is a case “to either remove or amend this quota.” Currently Channel 4 has a specific quota for programmes that are intended for use in schools.

The news came as Ofcom set out proposals for the renewal of the Channel 4 licence, which is due to expire at the end of 2014. The regulator said that Channel 4’s other licence conditions should remain unchanged and that the new licence run for 10 years.

“Ofcom is consulting on a proposal that Channel 4’s quota for programmes produced outside of England could increase over time to a minimum of 9% of original production by 2020,” the regulator said.

Channel 4’s ‘out of England’ quota was introduced in 2010 and set an initial minimum level of 3% on programme commissions, by hours and spend.