CSA launches consultation on sports highlights rules

French media regulator the CSA has launched a consultation on rules governing the distribution of sports highlights rights that have been in force since January.

The rules, concerning a number of things including the maximum length and number of highlights packages, attracted to hostility of French sports organisations which grouped together to defend their ability to exploit their rights. The new consultation aims to measure the editorial and economic impact of the rules.

Separately, the main French opposition party, the UMP, has called for the creation of a new regulatory body to appoint the heads of French public media organizations France Télévisions, Radio France and France Médias Monde. The UMP’s proposal is an alternative to the current government’s policy of handing control of the appointments over to the CSA.

Support for the idea of a new authority marks a shift from the UMP’s previous position of supporting the former regime of appointment of the heads of the public broadcast organisations by the country’s president.

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