Euronews Knowledge sees strong growth on YouTube

Euronews Knowledge, the news channel’s science and discovery channel on YouTube, has attracted 115,000 subscribers since its launch three months ago, according to the broadcaster. 

Euronews said the Knowledge channel ranked second amongst YouTube premium channels in Germany, fourth in France, ninth in the UK and 14th in Europe  overall.

According to Euronews, Euronews Knowledge is attracting about 2,000 new subscribers each day on average and should have about 200,000 subs within six weeks.

Damien Marchi, Director of Product Marketing and Innovation at Euronews, said: “I am more than proud to announce we’ve hit the mark of 115,000 subscribers to our Euronews Knowledge channel in only three months! This proves Euronews’ know-how to create success on YouTube in proposing the right content, at the right place, at the right time.”