Virgin Media adds video game-themed TV station

UK cable platform Virgin Media has added what it claims to be the world’s only international television channel dedicated to video gaming culture to its TV service.

UK-based Ginx TV takes slot 286 on the Virgin EPG, marking its first launch in its home market, and will air 12 gaming-oriented series including its flagship show about mobile gaming, The Blurb; Planet of the Apps.

“The UK is the fifth largest video gaming market in the world. One in three people describe themselves as gamers and half of UK households have at least one console. Video-gaming is now a massively mainstream leisure activity and it is fantastic that we are able to bring our full channel to TV screens in the UK for the first time,” said Ginx TV CEO, Michiel Bakker.

Ginx TV is already localised and available in more than 40 territories and in nine languages and recently launched in Poland, the Netherlands, Romania, Croatia and the Middle East.

Last week Virgin Media launched a new games service that allows its subscribers to play casual games on the TV via their TiVo set-top box.