ViewSat chooses Vision247 for web streaming

Video distribution specialist ViewSat has chosen Vision247 to provide web streaming services for its base of TV channels.

ViewSat specialises in providing satellite services  for channels targeting sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, Europe and North Africa. The company will use Vision247 to enable the delivery of these channels by web streaming as well as satellite.

ViewSat’s new streaming service is provisioned through Vision247’s Video Platform, providing complete video capture and in-house multi-bit rate encoding for adaptive streaming.

The channels are streamed over the web, delivered via an embedded flash player, and transcoded to enable viewers to watch live sreamed programming via a PC or an iOS or Android connected mobile device.

Awaes Jaswal, CEO, Viewsat said: “This partnership with Vision247 enables ViewSat to deliver the highest quality broadcast to as diverse a range of connected devices as possible. Providing global web streaming capability is an important step in the company’s continued growth, and Vision247 met all our demands for quality, reliability and consistent excellence in delivery.”

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