Vectra taps ADB for new software functionality

Polish cable operator Vectra is using new software from ADB to provide a user messaging system, advertisement control and set-top box remote monitoring.

ADB has supplied DOCSIS 2.0-enabled set-tops to Vectra since 2009. The new user messaging system will enable information, recommendations, promotions and notifications to be sent directly to targeted customers. The advertisement control system meanwhile will give Vectra the ability to manage the delivery of advertisements and communication campaigns to subscribers, allowing it to choose to deliver adverts through the channel banner or on set-top box HTML pages. Set-top remote monitoring allows Vectra to control its base of set-tops and gather information about their usage.

“The remote monitoring and messaging systems are particularly important and useful for operators like Vectra looking to provide high quality of services and gain efficiency in the management of their pay-TV network,” said Pierre-Alain Nicati, general manager of systems division at ADB. “Our solution provides an easy way to switch on or off features on STBs deployed in the field without upgrading STB software. Centralised control of all STBs in the field is a huge convenience for an operator like Vectra.”