UPC Cablecom moves forward with consolidation in Suisse-Romande

Liberty Global-owned UPC Cablecom has taken control of Carouge cable network Télécarouge in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, Suisse-Romande.

UPC  Cablecom acquired the 51% stake held by the city of Carouge, near Geneva. The Liberty Global operator already held a 49% stake in Télécarouge.

The network covers 8,000 households in Carouge.

“UPC Cablecom already has experience of managing Télécarouge, and thanks to its expert knowledge we are ensuring the long-term sustainability of our cable network. Customers stand to benefit from simplified offers and first-rate products and services,” said Nicolas Walder, a member of Carouge City Council.

Last year, UPC Cablecom took over local network Télémeryn. The city of Geneva’s parliament has approved a deal between the city and UPC Cablecom over the purchase of Geneva’s cable network, subject to approval by a referendum.