Spanish operators agree to share fibre

Telefónica, Vodafone and Orange have agreed a deal to share fibre optic infrastructure in buildings in Spain.

The agreement sets out the types of buildings in which vertical infrastructures will be shared and the technical procedures to make it possible.

Over time the three operators will specify the cities, areas and building in which they want to rollout optical fibre and the Building Manager Operator will prepare an infrastructure delivery plan. The agreement also includes the option to transfer existing undertakings or for each company to build its own.

The agreement is based on a principle of reciprocity, so that all three operators can use its rivals’ vertical rollouts wherever they may need them.

The deal will give Orange and Vodafone access to infrastructure that Telefónica has already rolled out. Telefónica can also ask to share its rivals’ vertical infrastructures.

The participating companies will make a single payment for each vertical infrastructure used, giving them the right to use it for no less than 20 years at a price regulated by the Spanish Telecommunications Market Commission.