Shazam launches TV engagement metric

Shazam Toyota ITV AdvertShazam has launched a new TV advertising metric, designed to let brands more successfully gauge the effectiveness of their campaigns.

The Shazam Engagement Rate combines third-party viewing data from Nielsen with the number of people engaged with ads through Shazam, to determine which are resonating best with viewers.

“By showing brands where they are seeing actual engagement – not just viewers, but people who are leaning in and asking for more information – Shazam is able to provide an entirely new service to advertisers: measurement and accountability on how effectively an ad campaign connects with the target audience,” said Shazam CEO Rich Riley.

Unveiling the ad measurement metric at the Cannes Lions international advertising festival, Riley added that the service would help companies optimise their ad spend. The Shazam Engagement Rate is available to Shazam for TV advertisers, who build mobile-optimised experiences for brand campaigns that can be accessed through the app.

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