FIFA considers dropping 3D for World Cup

FIFA is reportedly considering dropping 3D coverage of the 2014 World Cup, following ESPN’s decision to axe its 3D channel.

Speaking at a briefing during the Confederations Cup, FIFA’s director of television Niclas Ericson said “we are still reviewing whether we should do 3-D for the 2014 FIFA World Cup,” according to an AP report.

He referred to ESPN’s decision last week to pull the plug on its US 3D sports channel by the end of this year as a “setback” to the technology and said that an announcement like that “creates a lot of extra tension” for 3D.

Though Ericson reportedly said there is interest from “several broadcasters” to keep 3D feeds, he added that FIFA is still “reviewing the cost of it” and that it is spending most of its efforts on HD coverage, which he described as “most important for us.”

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