Global DTH revenues set to overtake cable this year

Global DTH revenues are set to overtake cable TV revenues this year, according to an analysis by Digital TV Research.

Satellite TV revenues are expected to account for 45.9% of total pay TV revenues in 2013, rising to 47.6% by 2018, while analogue and digital cable’s share of the pie will fall from 45.9% this year to 40.7%.

The share attributed to the fastest growing infrastructure, IPTV, will rise from 7.5% this year to 10.5% by 2018.

According to Digital TV Research’s Digital TV World Revenue Forecasts, global pay TV revenues will reach US$203 billion (€152 billion) by 2018, up by US$19 billion on the figure for 2012. Growth is expected to slow down to an annual rate of below 2% from 2015, compared with 3.2% in 2013.

Global DTH revenues will grow from US$83 billion in 2012 to US$97 billion by 2018, according to Digital TV Research, with market leader the US’s share falling from 43.5% to 38.7% as emerging markets take up the slack. US pay TV revenues are expected to fall by US$5.1 billion as homes convert to bundles and competition forces down prices.

Brazil is expected to double its DTH revenues between 2012-18, while DTH revenues in India are expected to grow by 135%.

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