EBU keeping ERT on air for now

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has said it will continue to maintain Greek public broadcaster ERT’s TV and radio services as a live stream via its website until it is able to resume full services to audiences in Greece.

Despite the Greek Council of State ordering the government to restore the broadcaster’s signal earlier this week, ERT’s over-the-air signal remains blocked because the terrestrial transmitters are switched off. According to the EBU, the Greek government has yet to clarify whether it will comply with the court order to fully restore services.

The EBU will continue to transmit the ERT signal via the Eurovision satellite network in the meantime.

“This signal is used to facilitate the video and radio channel streaming that we set in place last Wednesday via the EBU website,” said Eurovision network director Graham Warren. “The signal is not really intended for direct-to-home reception. However a few domestic antennas will be capable of reception.”