Telenet launching CI+ service

Belgian cable operator Telenet is making its services available via CI+ modules for the first time.

The move will enable viewers to access Telenet’s basic digital cable package without the need for a set-top box.

Telenet is selling the CI+ conditional access module that slots into TVs for a one-off charge of €69. Subscribers will be able to receive the basic service, comprising 75 channels including HD services, via CI+ from June 24.

They will also be able to upgrade to premium services including Prime and Sporting Telenet, and will have access to an EPG with two days’ worth of advanced listings.

Subscribers that want to access advanced services including video-on-demand and DVR will still require a Digicorder set-top, rentable for €8.20 a month.

“We believe it is important to match our television product to the customer’s wishes.  For example, we recently launched our innovative Yelo TV product for our digital TV customers. With ‘TV with a card’, we cater for cable television customers for whom the many digital TV functionalities are a threshold,” said Inge Smidts, senior vice-president of residential marketing. “Moreover, ‘TV with a card’ is a great option for those customers who have an extra TV set, for example in the bedroom, and would like to watch more channels at an advantageous cost. Customers already let us know earlier that they would like to make use of the CI+ technology in their TV set. We are responding to this customer need with ‘TV with a card’.”

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