UK viewers slower than US and Canada in adopting mobile VOD

UK consumers are slower than their transatlantic counterparts in adopting non-linear mobile TV services according to a survey of viewing habits by cloud TV specialist QuickPlay Media.

According to the survey, 42% of UK consumers still only watch live content compared to only 28% and 29% of those questioned in Canada and the US respectively.

Three quarters of respondents in 2013 only watch live TV on a smartphone compared to those in the US where 46% watch more VOD than live TV, according to the survey, while 59% of UK consumers watching more live content than VOD on tablets compared to only 44% and 27% of US and Canadian respondents respectively.

Only 40% of UK viewers ranks watching movies as a key preference compared with 49% in the US, indicating that a preference for live TV could be linked to the type of content viewed. Over four in five consumers who watch sporting events and news prefer to watch these types of content live across all three regions.

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