M7 Group teams up with Stream for enhanced services

Pay TV provider M7 Group has formed a strategic alliance with Stream Group to deliver new video platform services.

Netherlands-based Stream Group delivers enhanced video services in Europe and Asia through its Solocoo platform.

Following Stream’s acquisition by CDS Group, the holding company for M7, the pay TV operator and Stream Group will deliver new services to M7 customers in the five countries in which it operates.

Stream Group will continue to be led by CEO Pieter Heyn and chief operating officer Leon Thoolen.

M7 provides pay TV services in the Benelux, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

“Stream Group and its Solocoo platform will be instrumental in providing more and better services to our customers in the Benelux, Austria, Czech and Slovak markets. Our viewers are looking for more content, always on, and want to be able to enjoy this content anywhere and anytime. We will be able to deliver enhanced interactive services like catch-up and replay TV, Multiscreen, OTT and VOD,” said Jon Florsheim, CEO of M7 Group. “We have chosen Stream Group as our partner because they have operated at the forefront of IPTV and streaming video for almost 10 years and understand the evolving viewing habits of our customer base. M7 and Stream Group share a focus on delivering the highest quality viewing experience. In addition to M7’s wealth of channels and full HD TV, these new services will significantly add to the satisfaction of our customers. Additionally, this strategic partnership will support Stream Group in rolling out their services to other operators around the world. Together we are well positioned to play an important role in bringing exciting content services to customers around the world.”

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