Conax launches Secure Client at ANGA COM

Conax is using ANGA COM to introduce the Conax Secure Client for multiscreen devices. The Telenor-owned conditional access company has introduced a Software Development Kit containing a security-hardened Microsoft  PlayReady DRM client.

The product uses techniques such as obfuscation, key smearing, variability, renewability, secure storage, secure time and optimised cryptography to deliver enhanced security for over-the-top providers implementing multiscreen TV services, according to Conax

“For Conax this is a natural step,” said Tom Jahr, Conax, speaking at a press briefing held by Conax at ANGA COM. He said Conax had taken key features within the existing Conax Contego Multiscreen Xtend solution and developed them as a standalone product. Web TV operators without set-top boxes can implement content security using the SDK without the need for a full Contego headend.

The Secure Client supports services including VOD, OTT live TV, catch up TV and network DVR. The client can be implemented on PCs, Macs, iOS devices and set-tops, with a version for Android coming soon.

Jahr said that Conax Contego enabled multiscreen to be managed as part of an overall offering from a single headend. “Contego is a multi-DRM solution so we can support DRMs other than Microsoft PlayReady,” he said. “We are bridging to other technolgies as well.”

Contego DRM Control supports bridging to platforms including TiVo To Go and Cablecard.

Conax also used ANGA COM to demo new advanced features it could support including network DVR and companion device features such as swipe, smart remote and ‘follow me’. Jahr said that Conax believes that the standard EPG will ultimately disappear and be replaced by the personalised EPG.

Contego Xtend Multiscreen gives operators the possibility to deploy a pre-integrated ecosystem including content and metadata handling, transcoding and encryption, workflow management and condiitional access/DRM as well as content delivery and support for multiscreen clients.

“We have lowered the bar for operators entering the multiscreen world,” said Jahr.

Morten Solbakken, CEO, said Conax was preparing for an emerging world in which operators would deliver services to a range of devices rather than a dedicated set-top box.

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