Edgeware launches simplified multiscreen headend solution

Video delivery firm Edgeware has launched a new feature for its Distributed Video Delivery Network (D-VDN), designed to replace complex load balancers in multiscreen headends.

The Origin Selector option is designed to provide scalable load balancing and redundancy across multiple video origin servers, located in either the service provider’s own headend or in an external content provider’s network, Edgeware said.

It enables intelligent distribution of content collection requests over multiple origin servers without the need for expensive load balancers, the firm added. Origin servers can be grouped into ‘virtual clusters’ and can be co-located or geographically distributed.

“We have seen multiple cases where origin scaling becomes the bottleneck in premium multiscreen services, creating chaos in an operators’ network. By incorporating the origin load balancing into the Video Delivery Network, Edgeware can help service and content providers overcome this in an extremely affordable manner,” said Jon Haley, VP product marketing and business development at Edgeware.

Edgeware can be found at booth G36, level 10.2