BTL launches DTT in Tanzania with Nagra CA

Nagra is providing conditional access technology for Tanzanian digital-terrestrial TV broadcaster Basic Transmissions Limited (BTL).

Nagra is providing its MediaAccess smartcards to BTL for its free-to-air service.

BTL is providing Tanzanian viewers with free access to DTT channels using a digital receiver equipped with a Nagra smartcard.

BTL’s network broadcasts in MPEG-4 using DVB-T2 modulation, using boxes provided by DiViTech. The company is one of three licensed digital multiplex operators in Tanzania. It began operations in February in Dar es Salaan and plans to expand the service to three other cities soon. The company, wich is owned by IPP, NGA Novum and Sahara Media Group, aims to offer nationwide coverage.

Nagra teamed with South Africa-based African Union Communications and DiViTech to support the launch.

“We are excited to launch our new DTT platform with Nagra who has been a key and trusted partner in this endeavour,” said John Hayghaimo, CEO, BTL. “Thanks to their expertise and flexible and robust solution we are able to provide Tanzanians with access to high-quality digital programming and value-added services that will revolutionize television viewing in this country by opening up new ways for viewers to enjoy television and all that the move to digital has to offer.”

“Tanzania is at the forefront of the move to digital TV in East Africa, and BTL is making its mark as one of the country’s leading DTT platforms,” said Thierry Legrand, senior vice-president, sales, southern Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Nagra. “We are proud to be a part of it with our partners – together we are able to offer a plug-and-play, cost-efficient, scalable and flexible solution that will allow the service to grow and experiment with new business models, while providing exceptional viewing possibilities for customers.”