Thomson to display ViBE systems

120216 - Thomson VN - ViBE CP6000 Codec 2Thomson Video Networks is due to display a range of its ViBE solutions at ANGA COM, including its ViBE CP6000 contribution platform.

The CP6000 is a multi-format platform for contribution of live video. It has eight HD channels per one rack unit chassis and MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 codecs can be enabled with software licensing.

The ViBE EM4000 multi-channel HD encoder is aimed particularly at premium broadcast services and uses Thomson video networks’ Mustang 2.0 compression technology. Thomson claims this delivers efficiency improvements of 20% or more when encoding in MPEG-4 AVC, freeing up bandwidth that can be used to broadcast an extra channel per multiplex or transponder.

The ViBE EM4000 can encode up to eight HD or SD channels in a single Rack unit, includes built-in statistical multiplexing for optimal bandwidth efficiency

For upgrading SD channels to HD, Like all members of the ViBE EM series, the EM4000 now includes automatic loudness control to comply with international standards such as the U.S. CALM Act, ITU BS.1770, and EBU R128 and features built-in teletext-to-DVB subtitling capabilities.

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