Belgium tops SES Benelux growth table

The number of Belgian homes receiving TV signals from SES’s Astra satellites grew by 19% last year, while the number of homes across the Benelux region receiving signals from the Astra position at 23.5° East grew by 12% to 980,000.

Across the Benelux countries as a whole, 1.2 million homes now receive signals from Astra satellites. In Luxembourg, the number of homes grew by 16%.

In the Netherlands, 93 percent of all satellite homes are now tuned into the 23.5° East orbital position, six years after its launch.

SES now reaches 97 percent of all satellite homes in the Benelux. Including cable and IPTV distribution via Astra satellites, SES’s reach in the region is now 11.8 million homes, or 94% of the total.