Zon sees record take-up of Iris TV service

Portuguese pay TV and cable service provider Zon Multimédia saw record take-up of its Iris advanced cable TV service in the first quarter, with 50 additions taking the base for the service to 285,000 subscribers.

Iris now accounts for 23.5% of Zon’s cable base. Overall, cable customers remained stable at 1.209 million, despite the tough economic conditions afflicting the country, reflecting the company’s success in selling triple-play services.

Triple-play customers grew by 9.2% year-on-year to 781,500 and now represent 64.6% of Zon’s cable base.

Broadband and phone subscribers grew by 10,000 and 9,400 respectively in the quarter, taking their respective totals to 799,900 and 985,800.

Blended ARPU was up 2.7% on the previous quarter and down only slightly year-on-year to €34.90.

Consolidated quarterly revenues were flat year-on-year at €214.3 million, with Zon receiving a boost from its Angolan joint venture ZAP, which saw revenues grow to €33.4 million, up 55.8%.

Zon posted first quarter EBITDA of €83.1 million, its best result to date.

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