Toshiba and Rovi partner for DivX TV streaming

Toshiba has partnered with Rovi Corporation in a deal that will see it launch a range of digital TVs certified for DivX Plus Streaming.

The move will enable Toshiba TVs to support entertainment services from over-the-top providers such as UK retailer Dixons’ KnowHow Movies service, which is powered by Rovi’s technology.

DivX Plus Streaming is designed to bring Blu-ray style features to streaming media, offering multi-language subtitles and audio tracks, smooth rewind and fast-forward, chapter navigation and resolution scaling to cut down on buffering.

In November 2012 Rovi launched a new version of its DivX Plus software to support streaming for the first time, and this March it signed two Chinese DivX deals that saw the video technology integrated into Changhong digital TVs and Philips-branded TVs set for distribution in the country.

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