Civolution supporting La3, looks to next stage of synched TV app development

La3Italian free-to-air channel La3 is offering a synchronized TV app using technology from Civolution and Italian multiscreen TV technology specialist Vetrya.

La3 is using technology provided by the pair to deliver the customised HyperSync app, which presents viewers with synchronized content on a variety of devices. The app, developed by Vetrya and powered by Civolution’s SyncNow audio watermarking technology, enables real-time identification and synchronisation, including automatic check-in, between broadcast, on-demand or recorded TV content and interactive apps on tablets, smartphones and laptops.

Features enable by the technology include the provision of behind-the-scenes extra information on the programmes or characters.

Speaking to DTVE at the NAB Show recently, Civolution CEO Alex Terpstra said that the company had a number of European deals “in the pipeline” following agreements including recent agreements with companies including France Télévisions and Lagardère. “Especially in Europe, watermarking synch is selling very well,” said Terpstra. “It’s a mature product now.”

Terpstra said Civolution was also looking to take forward live synchronisation of movie-based content with second screen apps in cinema settings following the success of its app for Dutch production company 2CFilm’s movie App.

“The movie had a second screen app that you could download before you went to the cinema. You have all the video in the app synchronised with the movie,” said Terpstra. “There was a good reaction from the target audience group. You know things that the actors don’t know yet. It takes you deeper in the story. We used the vibration function of the phone to alert people that something was about to happen on the phone. The movie is designed so that you don’t miss anything significant on the screen.

Terpstra said the development of the app required a lot of work.

“The timing of all these interactions took a lot of attention. There are 32 very distinct actions that happen on the second screen.” He said the 2CFilm app would also be available when the movie hits TV screens.

Terpstra said Civolution was now looking to develop ways to monetise second screen synchronisation.

“The next topic is how to monetise these apps. We have invested in a product called Advertising Identification,” said Terpstra. “We also provide broadcast monitoring.  We took some of that to identify ads in real time and can trigger ad placements on the second screen that are in synch with the ad on the main screen.”

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