Films and TV trail software and music in French internet consumption satisfaction

While three out of five French internet consumers aware of legal internet-based content are “satisfied” with the offerings, consumers of TV series and films are significantly less happy, according to the latest study by the Hadopi, the organization charged with combating illicit downloading of content in France.

While 61% of consumers that knew of the availability of legal offerings were satisfied, that number fell to 56% for consumers of TV series and 52% for film consumers. Users in younger age groups were more likely to be dissatisfied.

The main source of complaint was price, with 82% of consumers judging films and software offerings to be expensive.

Eighty per cent of internet consumers rated music and video clips, video games and software easy to find on the web, but this number fell to 64% for films and 62% for TV series. Films and TV series also fared less well than video games, software and music and video clips for the richness and variety of offers, and for the availability of new and recent content.

Seventy per cent of internet consumers said they knew of the existence of legal offerings in at least one category of “cultural goods”, with younger consumers being more aware than older internet users. Seventy-one per cent of internet users overall said they had consumed at least one category of cultural goods on the web.

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