Illegal video consumption on the wane in Denmark

YouSee logoDanes who consume movies and TV series illegally have begun to do it less often, with legal consumption growing, according to a study of internet users’ habits for cable operator YouSee.

According to the study, 36% of those who admit to streaming or downloading movies illegally said they did it less now than a year ago, while 19% of 20-65 year-olds said they now streamed or downloaded movies from legal sources, a jump of eight points from the figure recorded in last year’ survey. Twenty-eight per cent of those who consumed TV series illegally said they now did it less often.

However, about 14% of 20-65 year-olds said they stream, download or copy movies or TV shows illegally, up two points on last year’s survey. Eleven per cent of those surveyed said they now consumed more movies illegally than last year, while16% said they consumed more TV shows illegally.

The authors of the survey calculated that movies were consumed illegally approximately five million times over the past year, with TV episodes being consumed about eight million times.

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