Ericsson plans to develop next-gen IPTV platform following Mediaroom acquisition

Ericsson logoEricsson plans to combine elements of the Microsoft Mediaroom technology with its own IPTV middleware to create a new IPTV platform, according to Simon Frost, head of media marketing and communications at Ericsson.

Speaking to DTVE at last week’s NAB Show, Frost said the rationale for Ericsson’s decision to acquire Microsoft Media included the acquisition of a significant client base that would make the company the “global number one in IP video” as well as the integration of a workforce with “a lot of skill and experience”, particularly in multiroom DVR solutions.

“What we plan to do is take the best of the Ericsson multiroom solution and take the best of Mediaroom and evolve them towards a next-generation solution. That really will be done in tight discussion with customers – especially Mediaroom customers,” said Frost. He said the two companies’ TV technologies were “complementary”, with Microsoft’s platform being “focused on the TV” while Ericsson had developed expertise in delivering IP video to different screens as well as in mobile TV.

Frost said that Microsoft Mediaroom customers had expressed satisfaction that the platform would now be in the hands of a company that is committed to the service provider market. “All the feedback we have had from key customers is very positive because we are very committed to this customer base,” said Frost. He said Ericsson’s ability to offer a combination of technology and a “very large service organisation” would be appealing to service providers.

Frost said there were no immediate plans to change the Mediaroom brand, although this could change after the deal is closed. “The Mediaroom brand is incredibly strong but we will see how we will evolve that. Ericsson’s brand is Ericsson itself,” he said.

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