Civolution teams with Broadcom for content aware devices

TV technology company Civolution is partnering with set-top box chipset manufacturer Broadcom to create a new generation of “content aware” devices.

Civolution’s automatic content recognition (ACR) technology will combine with Broadcom’s flexible set-top box platforms for the cable, satellite, IP and terrestrial markets.

The firms said this would allow companies to trigger synchronised and interactive calls-to-action on the TV screen itself, as content like broadcast ads can be automatically recognised.

They also said it opens the door to gamification and social media integration on television viewers’ primary screens.

“As the primary screen becomes linked to the web by way of connected set-top boxes and smart TVs, the ability to make these devices content aware opens the true potential of television advertising,” said Alex Terpstra, CEO, Civolution.

“We’re very excited to bring our ACR technology to one of the top semiconductor manufacturers in the business and, in working together, create a powerful relationship between next-generation hardware and content-recognition software.”

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