NHK to showcase 8K content

Japanese public broadcaster NHK is due showcase its super-high definition 8K format at the Cannes Film Festival next month. 

NHK will hold a public screening of content in the cutting edge format, including what it claims is the first film to be shot in 8K – a short called Beauties À  La  Carte.

The Japanese broadcaster said it is now exploring 8K production across various genres as part of its mission to lead development of new broadcast technologies, and is trying to “awaken the international film industry” to the possibilities of 8K.

In February, NHK signed a deal with Brazilian commercial broadcaster TV Globo to shoot the Rio de Janeiro Carnival in 8K.

NHK started to develop 8K back in 1995. The format offers four-times the resolution of 4K and 16 times that of current HD. The broadcaster performed the first live 8K transmission from the London Olympics last year and aims to begin experimental broadcasts in Japan in time for the 2016 Brazil Olympics.

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