Cyfrowy Polsat denies ‘anti-nc+’ involvement

Polish pay TV operator Cyfrowy Polsat has denied that it is the author or sponsor of a website and Facebook group opposing its recently launched rival, the nc+ TV platform. 

In a statement responding to “emerging inaccurate claims,” Cyfrowy Polsat denied involvement in the anti nc+ website, and the anti nc+ Facebook page, even though its ads have been displayed on the sites.

Cyfrowy Polsat said that the presence of its banners was down to the “natural mechanism and action of online advertising companies,” and were the result of algorithms where “the goal is to obtain the most effective advertising space – that is the most efficient way to reach your target audience at the lowest possible cost.”

The firm said it was not involved in the process of selecting the sites on which its ads are displayed and said it “operates to the highest standards of ethics and corporate governance and the principles of fair competition.”

The news follows a string of negative press reports following the launch of nc+ last month – the result of a merger between Polish pay TV operators Cyfra Plus and ‘n’ at the end of 2012.

Media reports have claimed customer dissatisfaction at the service on the grounds that it is “inferior and more expensive” than either n or Cyfra+, with some complaints reportedly also made with Poland’s Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK). To date the anti nc+ Facebook page has been liked by more than 59,400 times.

Rivals of nc+ in the Polish market include Cyfrowy Polsat, UPC Polska, Multimedia Polska and Vectra.

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