Netia adds 15 new channels

Polish IPTV service provider Netia is adding 15 new channels including HD versions of the main public broadcaster channels to its line-up.

TVP1 HD and TVP2 HD is being added to Netia’s Praktycz and Komfort packages, while Orange Sport will be added  to all TV packages from April 5.

Other new channels in the Praktycz and Komfort packages include TVP Info, TVP Kultura, TVP Historia, TVP Polonia, Polsat, Polsat Sport News, TV4, TV6, Pulse, Pulse 2, TTV, Polo TV and Eska TV. The additions take the number of the channels in the Praktycz package to 36, and the number in the Komfort package to 42.

The new channels are also available via digital-terrestrial TV.

Tags: Netia, Poland

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