Vubiquity’s Potarazu to step down as CEO

Ramu Potarazu, the CEO of Vubiquity, the new name for technology company Avail-TVN following its acquisition of On Demand Group, is to leave his post and will become vice-chairman of the company’s board and assess with the search for a replacement.

During the search for a new CEO, Potarazu’s duties will be handled by The Office of the CEO, a group consisting of Vubiquity’s president, Doug Sylvester, chief financial officer Bill Arendt and chairman of the Board Phil Herget.

Potarazu is to move to Columbian Captial as a venture partner while continuing to serve on the Vubiquity board.

“Under Ramu Potarazu’s leadership, Vubiquity has grown into the global leader in the multiplatform video services space,” said Phil Herget, chairman of Vubiquity’s Board of Directors and partner at Columbia Capital. “Through his hard work and tremendous energy, Ramu has led the company to a very good position in a growing and dynamic industry.  He has demonstrated that he is a true entrepreneur.  I’m very pleased that Ramu will remain engaged with Vubiquity through his new role as vice-chairman of the board. On a personal note, I’m also happy he will be joining Columbia Capital as a venture partner, bringing his expertise in managing and mentoring companies to our portfolio.”

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