Telefónica chooses Mariner xVu to monitor global video platform

Telefónica Digital has chosen Mariner Partners’ Mariner xVu as the exclusive end-to-end monitoring tool for its Global Video Platform (GVP).

The GVP offers two types of services: a pay TV service using IPTV or satellite hybrid TV; and a pure OTT service, commercially named Play, which is a video-on-demand service available over a wide range of devices. Both products have been launched in Brazil and will be implemented in European and Latin American countries over the coming years.
GVP IPTV services are based on Microsoft Mediaroom middleware and technology provider OTT Networks’ MiB (Media-iBox) technology. Mariner xVu was the first and most widely deployed end-to-end monitoring solution for Mediaroom.

“Our objective is to deliver reliable, high-quality video services to a growing number of screens and devices, which requires consistent, end-to-end monitoring across all GVP services,” said Luis Velo, head of media services at Telefónica Digital. “We chose Mariner xVu real-time IP video analytics software based on its unique ability to identify network and content issues affecting multiple consumers, as well as provide in-home and neighborhood status for individual consumers.”

Mariner’s IP video monitoring solution, Mariner xVu, harvests data from multiple sources to build a real-time view of the video performance associated with consumer devices, households, neighbourhoods, networks, and content sources. This allows for identification and localisation of issues affecting customers, and provides customer care with valuable, enhanced visibility, according to the company.

“Consumers value a superior video quality, and we are seeing a global trend for new service offerings that include internet and mobile video delivered to a diverse array of consumer devices,” said Curtis Howe, President and CEO of Mariner. “Mariner xVu software is in its fourth generation of deployment and is a proven solution for increasing video reliability and customer satisfaction as the network scales. Our consumer-centric monitoring at the edge of the network is efficient at reducing OPEX costs for network and field operations teams as they scale and support more devices.”

Mariner xVu and Telefónica Digital are finalists in the TV Connect Industry Awards 2013. Mariner xVu is shortlisted in the category of Best Network Technology for IP TV & OTT TV, while Telefónica Digital is shortlisted for Global Video Service in the Best Multiscreen TV Service category and the Telefónica Global Video Platform in the Best Service Delivery Platform for IPTV & OTT TV category.

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