Digita launches HbbTV with Sofia Digital

Technology provider Sofia Digital has launched HbbTV hybrid broadcast broadband TV services with Digita, the digital terrestrial pay TV and radio network operator in Finland.

HbbTV services are now available in the Finnish nation-wide TV distribution system. In the first phase, launched at the beginning of March, Digita is offering red button functionality with an enhanced programme guide that has been developed together with TV channels and Sofia Digital. The EPG application is available for viewers of YLE, MTV Media, Nelonen, SBS and Fox channels as well as Digita’s own Estradi channel.

Overall, HbbTV services are offered in four multiplexes for 14 TV services.

Sofia Digital’s CEO Ari Pöyhtäri said: “Sofia Digital has been pioneering enhanced TV services for over 10 years and the HbbTV launch with Digita is a significant milestone in Finnish digital TV’s history. Hybrid services with HbbTV technology seems to be a promising platform to implement Internet-based services with TV broadcasts and it has wide support among all biggest TV manufacturers.”

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